Reputation data at your fingertips

When someone else’s tool won’t allow you to use reputation data in the customized way your company needs, Traject Data pulls it from the source, so you don’t have to. Check out our Reputation API and set up a time to chat.

Review site listings and review data collection

Pick and choose the listing and review site data that matters to your organization. Have the raw data delivered exactly how you need it.

Listings Data

Business Name
Phone Number
Street Address
Locality (city)
Postal Code

Review Data

  • Aggregate Rating
  • Review Quantity
  • Publish Date
  • Content (Entire written text)
  • Author Attribution

Are we missing a data point that your business needs? Contact us and we’ll see if we can accommodate your request!

Reputation data for every industry

Choose from over 100 industry specific review sites. Identify the verticals that matter to your business with targeted searches at a volume that works for you.

Don’t see a review site on the list? Let us know! We are adding new review sites and directories all of the time.

Who uses online review and business listing data?

Market Research Firms

Produce high quality quantitative Research and sentiment analysis For research, development, civics and academic.

Large Enterprises

Enrich business intelligence and competitive research to inform operations, marketing, and business development.

Software Platforms

Enhance product data with a innovative and valuable online review data stream. Add new data or expand your current offering.

How can you use reputation data in your organization?

With unlimited ways to innovate using your reputation data, think about how you can build your organization, enhance your service and deliver the best customer experience with review content driven insights.

Internal Performance Benchmarking

Use review data to identify high and low performing business locations across your organization. Blend review data with revenue and inform location development and investment decisions.

Brand and Product Sentiment Analysis

Import large volumes of review content for research and development. Test and iterate on positive and negative product sentiment. Monitor positive and negative trends nationally and regionally.

Review Site enrichment for SaaS companies

Blend review data points into your existing SaaS product and enrich your offering with reputation value. Upsell or upgrade your clients to drive value and revenue.

Business development opportunities

Looking to open a new location? Use listings data to evaluate market saturation based on geographic density. Identify market opportunities and investment. 

Business Acquisition

Incorporate multi-location review portfolio data into your diligence research when developing business acquisition proposals and lucrative venture opportunities. Gather customer insights to make the best business decision.

Advertising on industry specific review sites

Blend review data with review site PPC data to assess performance against competitors across industry specific review sites. Inform review site advertising spend strategy based on review portfolio performance.

Local SEO / Local Search Review intelligence and Competitor Research

Monitor how review performance impacts organic local search results and inclusion within the Local Pack. Blend review data with Local SERP data to identify opportunities in local SEO.

Send review site data directly into your internal BI tool

If you are working with the reputation of a large number of locations in your organization to make the best decisions, we can help you collect the review content you need to drive business development. 

Connect Traject Data to your existing business intelligence tools to save time and work at scale.

Try the Traject Data Reputation API today

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