We are a leading data provider

With APIs across the top search and eCommerce sites, we make it easy to get more data for less

Data platforms are expensive and limited in scope, making it difficult to identify unique insights. But the alternative is to spend hours building and maintaining your own web scraping tool, only to be blocked or run into complex issues. Or to pull from an unreliable and questionable data source. We recognize this is an inefficient and challenging process for businesses to undertake.

Our goal is to help organizations access and control more data with ease so they can quickly identify insights and make smarter decisions that help their business grow.

We do this by having the most APIs that provide high-volume, granular data that integrate with businesses’ existing data ecosystems so they can customize their analyses. And you can feel confident the data you’re getting is trustworthy and reliable.

Traject Data makes organizations smarter by providing them access to data at scale, the way they want it, so they can leverage data as a key differentiator to outpace competition.


We are part of Traject

Traject Data was founded in 2020 as a subsidiary of Traject. Traject offers a suite of social media, reputation, and SEO management tools for businesses and agencies to get discovered, build trust, and win new customers.

Traject is worldwide, with offices in Bellevue, Austin, and London. Learn more about Traject and what makes us unique.

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