SEMRush and Moz have user interfaces to visualize their data. Traject Data’s deliverable is raw data that you can ingest into whichever data ecosystem you use. Many find this to be a more flexible and cost effective solution. You get a full picture of all the data points that feed into your SEO reports and can build custom reports in your existing business intelligence tools for everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Yes, we can schedule API calls on your behalf for the keywords you provide to us. You can create an Amazon S3 bucket, and the data will be delivered there.

Yes, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to data delivery. We can push data to just about any cloud environment.

Yes, we have a database of about 1.5B SERPs dating back to 2020. The data is easily queryable for unlimited use cases such as keyword discovery, SEO performance trends and many more! Please reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more.

We partner with you to collect the data needed to drive your analytics and gather insights. While we do not perform the analysis, we will help you connect data to your existing business intelligence tools so you can save time and work at scale.

Yes, you can use our data to monitor how and where your competitors are ranking for all your keywords. You may also discover new competitors you may not have been aware of before.

Yes, we have access to monthly search volume and cost per click data. It’s currently sold separately from our primary SERP data deliverable. Please reach out to our team if you’re interested in adding this to your account.

A POST request is a way to tell our system the query you want to look up. A GET request allows you to retrieve the data after the query has been crawled. Your account starts with 10,000 POSTs and 20,000 GETs. This is to ensure that if you need to retrieve the data a second time via another GET request, it is available without an additional charge.

The Subscription plan entails having a contract with us and includes custom cloud delivery. With the On-Demand plan, you pay as you go at a rate of $5 per 1000 searches. If you anticipate a volume of 100,00+ requests per month and require custom delivery, then the Subscription is the right choice. You may also qualify for a discount based on volume and time commitment.

Discounts start at a volume of 3M requests per month and increase as your volume and commitment (annual, multi-year) scale. An annual agreement currently provides for a 10% discount.

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