We are better together

Who we are

Being a partner is not a responsibility we take lightly—we know your business depends on us getting it right—every time.

Our goal is to provide you with flexible, scalable, and intuitive tools that save you time and earn your clients trust. Whether you need to add a new offering to your toolkit, expand your services, or help your internal team reach a new audience—Traject is in the business of helping you grow.

We are relentless. We are optimistic. We are people first. And in the end, we are all about you.

Where we are

Traject is worldwide, with headquarters in Bellevue and a robust remote team in 22 cities and 11 countries. Here’s where we live, work and play.

Location Map

What we stand for

These are the principles that keep us on track.


We are collaborative.
We are fun.
We are better together.


We are led by our customers.
We go the extra mile.
We take initiative.


We work hard.
We crush roadblocks.
We are relentless & resourceful.


We push to make things better.
We are leaders.
We embrace change.


We explore what is possible.
We learn and improve.
We are solution oriented.


We are thoughtful.
We foster diversity.
We live our values.

A Letter To Our Customers and Community

At Traject, we operate with a “People First” mindset. We lean on this now, more than ever, as we help our employees, customers, and communities navigate this uncertain time.

Alice Song | CEO of Traject

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