Using Postman with Traject Data

This guide will show how to use Postman with Traject Data to make API calls. This is perfect for testing our system before you commit to a purchase.

Download Postman to get started.

Make sure you have a Callback URL for our system to deliver data to – for testing, try something like Request Bin to send and view your test results.

You can reference the SERP API Documentation here for help on required parameters for your API call:

Pro Tip: The SERP Documentation will show important details like the base URL for the Priority and Delayed Queues, as well as a breakdown of the parameters to add to the Postman request. Your Authentication Token will be visible on your Traject Data Account Dashboard.

Here’s an example of what a POST request will look like in Postman – once you press send, go to your Request Bin page (or wherever the Callback URL has been set) and find results there.

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