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SERP API Search Results Examples

SERP type - Local Pack

screenshot of local google results

Search Result (JSON)

SERP type - News Pack

Search Result (JSON)

SERP type - Job Pack

Search Result (JSON)

SERP type - Thumbnail

Search Result (JSON)

SERP type - Video Pack

Search Result (JSON)

SERP type - Knowledge Panel

Search Result (JSON)

SERP Data Collection

With the launch of our new API, you’ll also get real-time data monitoring that detects updates in the SERP faster than any other SEO tool.


Data for every vertical

Inform your SEO industry strategy, track local and national competitors, and discover SERP feature opportunities.


Track product rankings on the eCommerce sites that are essential to the success of your business.


Conduct high level industry SERP research and provide clients with the most granular, rich ranking insights.


Visualize SEO performance for the C-Suite, track your content, and inform your brand’s SEO strategy.

Traject Data Benefits

"The fact that Traject Data was extremely focused on doing one thing and doing it right meant that we needn’t worry about scale."

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