Access reliable data at scale via our APIs

Reliable, robust, real-time data from the top search and eCommerce sites


Get real-time, local search results to improve SEO performance and optimize marketing spend with all the SERP APIs you need for search data.

eCommerce APIs

Get real-time, granular product data to price, position, and improve product performance with our comprehensive suite of eCommerce APIs. 

Get better, more reliable data

Building your own web scraping infrastructure or connection takes time and expertise. Use our SERP APIs or eCommerce APIs and avoid downtime and blockers. With Traject Data APIs you can feel confident in your data.



local results

No flagged or banned IPs

Data the way you need it when you need it

All of our SERP and eCommerce APIs provide data in multiple formats for easy integration. You can make requests or we can schedule calls on your behalf as often as you need.

Organize the data the way you want

All of our APIs are built to deliver structured data that seamlessly integrates into your existing cloud storage, data warehouse, or business intelligence tool.

Get your data delivered to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS, or any other S3-compatible object storage; Amazon OpenSearch Service; and Google BigQuery and Looker Studio.

Get high-volume, granular data that integrates with your existing data ecosystem so you can customize your analysis and find unique insights.
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