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Events Pack

What is the Events Pack?

The Events pack lets you know what is going on in a particular area during a particular time. Use this SERP feature to discover happenings in your city or any city you search for.

Where does the information in the Events Pack come from?

The events returned in the pack are based on what is popular or trending on Google. If you’re logged in to your Google account, the event recommendations are based on your Google product activity. 

How to use this parsed SERP feature:

Traject Data will call out the date, location, and official title of the event. This data gets structured neatly under an “Events” field. 

Get this SERP feature

Traject Data delivers SERP results specific to keyword, search engine, location, language, and device. Get data delivered in HTML and/or JSON via your preferred data platform.

First, make a post request to our standard or priority queue.

Process the JSON_ID and/or HTML_ID when available and include in your GET request.

Get JSON or HTML results via your callback response or cloud delivery method.

					"events": {
    "1": {
       "date": "Jul 20",
       "location": "Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St, Seattle, WA",
       "title": "Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit"
    "2": {
       "date": "Jul 23",
       "location": "Seattle, Seattle, WA",
       "title": "Capitol Hill Block Party"
    "3": {
       "date": "Jul 19",
       "location": "West Seattle Family YMCA, 3622 SW Snoqualmie St, Seattle, WA",
       "title": "Kids Create - Seattle, WA 2021"
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