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Salary Pack

What is the Salary Pack?

The Salary Pack displays salary ranges for particular jobs in specific locations. Sometimes the pack includes rich info like projected ten year growth, number of jobs, and more.  

Where does the information in the Salary Pack come from?

Just like the Jobs Pack, the information in the Salary Pack primarily comes from career websites across the web. 

How to use this parsed SERP feature:

When present in the SERP, Traject Data parses out the salary range, job title, source, and URL. 

Get this SERP feature

Traject Data delivers SERP results specific to keyword, search engine, location, language, and device. Get data delivered in HTML and/or JSON via your preferred data platform.

First, make a post request to our standard or priority queue.

Process the JSON_ID and/or HTML_ID when available and include in your GET request.

Get JSON or HTML results via your callback response or cloud delivery method.

					"salary_pack": [
       "job_title": "Software Engineer",
       "location": null,
       "rank": 1,
       "salary": "$72k–120k per year",
       "source": "Glassdoor",
       "url": ",6_IM234_KO7,24.htm"
       "job_title": "Software Engineer",
       "location": "Denver, CO",
       "rank": 2,
       "salary": "$66k–110k per year",
       "source": "PayScale",
       "url": ""
       "job_title": "Software Engineer",
       "location": "Denver, CO",
       "rank": 3,
       "salary": "$65k–170k per year",
       "source": "Built In Colorado",
       "url": ""
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