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Brand Pack

What is the Brand Pack?

A brand pack consists of additional links beneath the main URL of a website that usually belongs to a brand or publisher. They link to pages within the website itself and their purpose is to get the searcher to the specific page they are looking for quicker. 

What does the Brand Pack look like in the SERP?

The Brand Pack is located underneath the home page’s URL. In addition to landing pages, these Brand Pack links can take you to a specific location’s website of a multi-location store. 

How to use this parsed SERP feature:​

Traject Data parses the Brand Pack and includes it in the JSON deliverable. Specifically, we’ll parse the links found in the pack as well as the descriptions underneath them. 

Get SERP data for Brand Pack in HTML and JSON:

First, make a post request to our standard or priority queue.

Process the JSON_ID and/or HTML_ID when available and include in your GET request.

Get JSON or HTML results via your callback response or cloud delivery method.

					"brand_pack_results": {
     "1": {
        "title": "Sign In",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Sign In. Sign in to your existing King Soopers account. Sign in ..."
     "2": {
        "title": "COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Find out if you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine ..."
     "3": {
        "title": "Weekly Ad",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Find deals from your local store in our Weekly Ad. Updated each ..."
     "4": {
        "title": "Start My Cart",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Start My Cart My Sale Items My Recent Purchases. Banana ..."
     "5": {
        "title": "Digital Coupons",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Save on our favorite brands by using our digital grocery ..."
     "6": {
        "title": "Store Locator",
        "dirty_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "description": "Use this store locator to find your local grocery store. Find ..."
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