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Show Results For

What is Show Results For?

If you misspell a word in your search we’ll parse what Google auto corrected it to. The auto correction is “Show Results For”. 

Where does the information in Show Results For come from?

The auto correction simply comes from a Google algorithm. 

How to use this parsed SERP feature:

It could be good to know which variations of misspelled words are still rendering the results of the intended search term.

Get this SERP feature

Traject Data delivers SERP results specific to keyword, search engine, location, language, and device. Get data delivered in HTML and/or JSON via your preferred data platform.

First, make a post request to our standard or priority queue.

Process the JSON_ID and/or HTML_ID when available and include in your GET request.

Get JSON or HTML results via your callback response or cloud delivery method.

					"auto_corrected_to": "the amazon river"
AWS athena
Google Cloud storage
Google BigQuery

Other Available Search Features

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