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AMP Results

What are AMP results?

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. Only found on mobile search, they are results that offer faster load times than standard organic mobile results. AMP itself is not a ranking factor for Google but loading time is. Studies have shown that AMPs can increase traffic and overall CTR.

How am I able to identify AMP results in a mobile SERP? (updated June 2022)

AMP results can be found as organic results but they can also be included in news packs (Top Stories). They used to be identified by a lightning bolt icon next to the result itself. Google has since deprecated the AMP icon as part of its last Page Experience update. 

How to use this parsed SERP feature:

Traject data will call out in the parsed JSON whether a mobile result is an AMP or not. It will be flagged with a value of either ‘true’ or ‘false’.

Get AMP Results SERP data:

Traject Data delivers SERP data specific to keyword, search engine, location, language, and device. Get data delivered in HTML and/or JSON via your preferred data platform.

First, make a post request to our standard or priority queue.

Process the JSON_ID and/or HTML_ID when available and include in your GET request.

Get JSON or HTML results via your callback response or cloud delivery method.

					"amp_result": true,
AWS athena
Google Cloud storage
Google BigQuery

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